Distribution & Wholesale


The Netherlands

Project Scope

Their Challenge

Andy’s Tasty Stuff, a gourmet, natural food B2C and B2B startup, wanted to sell Europe-wide, but did not know where to start. They needed an easy solution for inexperienced E-commerce staff, but also for all kind of customers, weather first-time buyers or seasoned eShoppers.

*Note: website currently under development (Oct 2022).

Their Goal

They wanted an all-in-one E-commerce platform that would be easy to manage, and serve both direct sales and wholesale channels, through a B2B portal. They also needed to have Multicurrency and Multilingual options for their target customers in Germany, Netherlands, Poland and Spain.

Our Solutions


We created fresh, happy brand colours, using a contemporary primary colour of light sea green. To support this, we also created a secondary colour palette, the harmonically mixing coral pink.


The logo was developed on the concept of a seal, similar to a “Quality check” seal.

Its traditional format and text placement, make it easily recognisable and above all, consciously and subconsciously Tasty.


We wanted to keep the website simple and straight to the point: What’s in store and go buy it.

We wanted to create an appealing, fun website, while being able to offer their products to a multinational audience with Multilingual, language-specific content.


Their target audience, connects from the office, from the sofa and from the beach. The website needed to be perfectly visible and functional on all devices, mobile, tablet and desktop.


A Multi-currency E-commerce with spot-on branding, ease of use and world-wide payments with several integrated payment processors.

Their Success

Since the first re-launch of TastyStuff’s website, the company has been able to successfully sell on the European market.

The Multilingual capabilities of the website, allowed to create language-specific content, it’s user-friendly and fun. The multiple payment processor integrations, with multi-currency, allowed their E-commerce to facilitate Europe-wide sales.