United States, Mexico

Project Scope

E-commerce Platform
Managed Website Hosting
Model management
On-set & Off-set photography
Brand Development

Their Challenge

As a newcomer to the fashion industry and a yet non-existent brand, NIXIE Lingerie needed to make its presence in the market, between young women wanting to look and feel more sexy. The brand lacked all branding, packaging, online presence, absolutely everything.

Their Goal

The company wanted to create its space in the fashion industry in Mexico and USA. Their goal was to be a 100% Direct to Customer brand, with strategic fashion events in both countries and online sales.

Our Solutions

Digital Platform

We wanted to create a sensually appealing, modern website, while being able to offer their product to a multinational audience with Multilingual, country-specific content.

Mobile-first experience

Their target audience, connects from the sofa or while commuting. The customer experience needed to be perfect and functional on all devices: mobile, tablet or desktop.


A Multi-currency E-commerce platform with spot-on branding, ease of use and world-wide payments with several integrated payment processors.


From labels to packaging to future store: all items are carefully integrated with the brand’s colour palette, guidelines, etc.

Visual Identity

From labels, visual elements, packaging to future store: all items are carefully integrated with the brand’s Visual Identity.

Brand Awareness

Omnichannel Brand Communication is made possible with Brand Awareness. All touch-points with the brand are covered.