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Project Scope

Their Challenge

Fundido Universal, a metal foundry company established near Guadalajara, Mexico in 1959. They have been covering the national market for decades. However, hit by the industry’s crisis, they had to take action or face uncertainty.

They chose to innovate with Metric International. Read the case study.

Their Goal

In these difficult times, the company management not only wanted to get out of the pit; they wanted to seize the opportunity to transform and differentiate even further from their competition. They wanted to take it to the international market, be the industry’s reference within Mexico and their segment. Their ultimate goal was to increase sales with increased margins, offering a premium product with premium service.

Our Solutions


From stationeries, uniforms, logo design, to corporate video. All the company needed to present itself in the online and offline world.

We evolved the old red and black brand colours into a more contemporary primary colour of red. To support this, we also created a secondary colour palette of grey and black to give it an industrial and strong feeling.

Play Video

Company video

Virtually no customers will visit the factory on first contact; therefore, the first contact needed to be impactful. We wanted to show the capabilities of the factory in a short video. The video has been purposefully shot and edited having in mind the target market sector: the image should not be too corporate, nor not too small biz.


The icon mark was developed on the concept of the God of fire, Hefesto, representing millennia of metal forging and early human’s technological evolution turning point: control of fire.

Its modern design and custom, strong font, represent this concept in the 21st century.


We wanted to keep the website plain, simple and straight to the point: Who are we, what do we do, how can we serve your needs. The Multilingual option has been added to the website, as it serves North and South-American customers.


Together with the Engineering and Sales teams, a CRM process has been embedded to the website. It’s all about making both sides’ lives easier and sales process quicker.


(+1) 715 227 8464


A premium and industry-specific US phone number has been purchased to make it easier for US customers to identify and contact the company. It is programmed to automatically divert to the specific English-speaking sales team.

Social Media Presence

Being present on social media in 2022 is a must, having a professional image, is even more important.

Their Success

Since their Digital Transformation with us, Fundido Universal, has been able to successfully enter the international market, in addition to becoming a leader in its category in the domestic market.

Their success was so steep, that late 2021 we were asked to step down on the marketing efforts, as their production capabilities reached their maximum. Although we received this with mixed feelings, we are proud that our partnership has been such a factor of growth.