Is your slow site costing you $1 Million a year?

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 We’ve all seen the studies about how a one-second delay in page load time can hurt your conversion rate, page views, and customer satisfaction. They’re sobering statistics and proof that on the web seconds really do count.

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Simply put: slow sites stink, and they’re bad for business.

But what does that mean for you? If a one-second delay results in a 7 percent conversion loss and an 11 percent drop in page views, what does that translate to in dollars and cents? It’s probably a lot more than you realize.

To show you, we’re going to make a few assumptions. Let’s assume you run an ecommerce website and your average sale is $100, your average conversion rate is 3 percent, and you average 2,000 visitors per day. If that’s the case, a delay of a single second is costing you $1,033 per day (or 17.23 percent) in lost revenue, while a five-second delay costs $2,884 per day (or 48.07 percent) in revenue. Yes, per day. That’s more than $1 million a year for a five-second delay. And the longer the delay, the bigger the blow to your bottom line.


Can you afford that? Probably not. But you’re likely already paying for it.

With WP Engine’s new WordPress Speed Test, you can find out just how much the speed, or lack thereof, of your WordPress site is costing you—it tells you how much money is walking out the door if your site is slow. Just plug in your URL, and we’ll analyze how fast (or slow) your WordPress site loads. The tool examines how quickly various parts of your site load and render. We take that data and determine how much revenue site delays are costing you, and recommend areas where you can improve your site to increase its speed and performance, which will ultimately make you more money. You’ll receive a full site speed report via email shortly after running the test on your site.

For example, the WordPress Speed Test may recommend you avoid blocking JavaScript or reduce the size of long requests. Or it could tell you to fix 404 errors or use GZIP compression. If there’s something slowing your site down, this tool will find it. From there, WP Engine will offer recommendations on how our WordPress optimized hosting platform can help you overcome those site speed bumps and make your site a conversion and sales driving speed demon. With WP Engine, you get a managed hosting platform optimized for WordPress, traffic prioritization for human visitors, EverCache caching to reduce server load and improve scale, a rockstar team of WordPress experts, and much more to ensure your site is swift.

Faster sites win. Period. And they make you more money. Run WP Engine’s WordPress Speed Test on your site now and learn how to make your site faster.


For more information on the importance of site speed, visit our website speed section in our blog.

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