Are your sales and marketing teams playing nice?

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Don’t leave revenue on the table—get our “smarketing” toolkit.

Steps to sales and marketing | Metric.Consulting
Steps to sales and marketing | Metric.Consulting

Everybody seems to be talking about “smarketing” these days, and for good reason: according to Marketo’s 2013 Sales and Marketing Alignment Study, companies that are highly aligned are 67% better at closing deals and generate 209% more revenue from marketing.
We’ve partnered with the sales experts at Hubspot to create a sales and marketing alignment kit—everything you need to get your teams in line.


  • A comprehensive e-book with 4 foundational tips for improving communication between sales and marketing.
  • A “smarketing” meeting agenda template to pave the way for easy collaboration.
  • A template for Service-Level Agreements between teams to help you get aligned on lead goals and expected ROI.

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