Productivity and Leap day

Hannah Kolsh

Hannah Kolsh

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Hi there,

It’s leap month! I’m thrilled about the extra day and have wild plans that involve some chocolate and staying in bed. I’ve included more productive ideas on things to do towards the end of the email. However, it got me thinking. If we had one extra day at work, would that make much of a difference?

Finland plans to experiment with 4-day work weeks, and we already know that the same resulted in a 40% productivity boost in Japan. Given the numerous studies done on the topic, I think it’s safe to assume that it isn’t as much about time as it is about productivity.

How can Metric International help?

There’s a lot you can do as an individual to improve productivity. However, on a larger level, the modern organization needs the right tools to empower employees to work better.

Metric International builds products with the exact intent to help your team work smarter, and not just harder:

You might have used one of these products from Metric International, but did you know we do so much more? If you want to find out more on what all we do, go here.

Here are a few interesting things for you to make the most of your extra day on the year:

  1. Your commute might be bad, but it can’t beat the 2.30 AM bus to work, seriously?
  2. Companies are installing skylights that artificially simulate sunlight.
  3. If you want to go crazy, here are more ideas on things you could do on leap day.

Here’s wishing you a great leap day!

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