United Kingdom

Project Scope

Their Challenge

PetGenoma, a BioTech company that innovates the pet industry with genetic testing for dogs. As a pioneer in the entire industry, they needed to create a global impact from day 1. People care more and more about their 4-legged friends, however with the economic difficulties around the world, offering premium pet products is not an easy task.

Their Goal

The company wanted to appeal emotionally to their customers and seize the opportunity with their innovative product. They wanted to take it to the international market upon launching the product. Their ultimate goal was to generate exponential sales while preparing the company for VC funding.

Our Solutions

Digital Platform

We wanted to create an emotionally appealing, fun customer experience, while being able to offer their product to a global audience with Multilingual, language-specific content.

Multidevice Experience

Their target audience, connects from the office, from the sofa or from the beach. The website needed to be perfectly visible and functional on all devices, mobile, tablet or desktop.


A Multi-currency E-commerce platform with spot-on branding, ease of use and world-wide payments with several integrated payment processors.


A Content Management System to easily keep the site up to date, with custom user-roles and automated translation of content powered by Machine Learning.

Their Success

Since the re-launch of PetGenoma’s Digital Experience, the company has been able to successfully enter the international market.

The Multilingual capabilities of the platform, allowed to create language-specific content, it’s user-friendly and fun. The multiple payment processor integrations, with multi-currency, allowed their E-commerce to facilitate world-wide sales.