GDPR Data Protection Officer - Metric International

GDPR: Data Protection Officer

Section 4 of the GDPR outlines the requirement for applicable firms to appoint a data protection officer (DPO). All emphasis added unless otherwise stated. When a DPO must be appointed According to Article 37(1), data controllers and processors shall designate…

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GDPR Legitimate Interest - Metric International

GDPR: Legitimate Interest

“Legitimate interest” may be among the most confusing concepts written into the GDPR, which is not helped by the amount of incorrect interpretations available when you search for the term online. It is also an especially important concept to understand…

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Need to know: GDPR 72-Hour Breach Notification

Most recent GDPR news stories highlighted the new 72-hour breach notification requirement and the potential €20,000,000 fines. Yes, those are provocative highlights that generate clicks and views, but they don’t provide much guidance for organizations, security compliance officers, and IT security…

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