How to stay connected with your customers during a crisis

Hannah Kolsh

Hannah Kolsh

Technical Writer & Customer Support ninja.

We know that many businesses are facing unexpected challenges including keeping in touch with customers, so we wanted to share a few things you can do now to get ahead of these challenges and stay connected.

Before you read the tips, check out some downloadable templates made by Facebook to help you get started with customer communications.

Stay connected with your customers templates
Stay connected with your customers – downloadable templates

Tips to keep in touch

Share frequent updates

Posting is a great way to keep your customers informed when you’re experiencing changes. Announce your adjusted hours, share measures you’re taking to keep safe, or explain the ways customers can still place orders with your business.

Keep up customer relationships

Make sure customers can contact you directly on Facebook or other social media if your normal hours have changed or your business is closed. Make sure your inbox is set up so you can answer questions, and save time by setting up an automated response to frequently asked questions such as business closures.

Take your events online

See which parts of your business you can shift online — especially as people are at home spending more time on their devices. If you have to postpone or cancel an event, try hosting a free Live session on Facebook instead. If your business is closed or closed to public, you can still showcase your products or service in a Live session as well.

Make sure your website is mobile optimized

Many of your business visitors, might not be connecting from the office’s desktop during a crisis, therefore, it is crucial your website is mobile optimized. A website that is perfectly viewable on mobile devices is an absolute must in 2020 (it has been for the last 5 years or so). If your clients or even worse, potential clients cannot see your business website correctly from the mobile phone, you’ve automatically lost some of them.

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