advanced support

With over 10 years of experience working with WordPress, Domains, Servers and Emails, we offer best-in-class advanced support services.

"It's so nice to have peace of mind, not to worry about anything related to servers, security or new equipment. Everything is done for us."

Peace of mind

In addition to our flat-rate standard support, you can access best-in-class advanced support by our experienced staff.

what is advanced support?

Our advanced support is based on a per case billing, starting at $140/hour for the less complicated issues (tier 1) and $280/hour for more complicated issues (tier 2). It would be difficult to list all examples, but as a general rule of thumb they might be:

Tier 1

Speed optimization

Slow websites are costly, due to reduced conversion rates and abandonment. We can optimize your website and increase your sales and customer satisfaction by checking if your website has oversized images or "heavy" content. We can install an automated tool to mitigate this and make the website load faster.


Your website already has a multilingual module installed by us and you would like to add another language.


There are some elements that are not correctly shown on mobile devices, we can quickly fix that.

Content changes

You need some changes in the site's content like: text, images, colour, etc. That's quick.


You need to add a product to your e-commerce site or configure a variable product (i.e.: a product with different colours, sizes, etc.)


We can install a WhatsApp button where the user can click and will be redirected to the user's mobile phone's (or desktop app) with your number prepopulated.

Tier 2

Speed optimization

Same as in Tier 1, but when you require server-side optimization (such as server-side caching installation / configuration) or if your website does not have any caching configured at all. After a brief analysis, we would inform you about the necessary steps to take to make it lightning fast.


Your website requires in the installation and configuration of a multilingual module, in addition to adding another language.


Your website is mostly not correctly visible on mobile, and most elements have to be corrected.

DNS & Domain

Your domain is not resolving correctly or has to be migrated to another registrar.


Your company emails are not being delivered or are being delivered into the feared spam box. We can check and correct certain values to mitigate this.


Installation of WhatsApp chat where the user can chat directly from the website without being redirected to the user's mobile phone's (or desktop app).

Powerful and flexible

We make sure your website is shiny and without any issues.

support that cares

Providing fast and knowledgeable support has been our number one priority since day one. Instead of scripted replies, we have actual (human) experts standing by to assist you.

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