E-Commerce wholesale

Combine your B2C and B2B in one, centrally managed platform.

Enterprise grade features for your e-commerce store

Save time creating quotations for B2B orders, managing them, answering unnecessary questions with the ultimate wholesale solution, embedded into your existing store.

All-in-one store to serve both worlds: direct to customer and wholesale customers, with dedicated, protected areas.

Simplified, easy to use product, user & order management:

  • Build pricing strategies for user roles and user groups
  • Define prices per user type
  • Set product visibility based on user type
  • Much more…

Easy user registration process:

  • Save time by requiring mandatory specific information for wholesale customers
  • Automate user registration & selection process
  • Approve/Reject registration requests – manually or automatically.
  • Tax-Exemption (exempt wholesale user roles from paying taxes).
  • Tax ID option in the billing address.
  • Enable or disable payment methods as per user role.
  • Enable or disable shipping methods as per user role.
  • Set minimum order quantity limits as per your requirements.
  • Add-to-cart minimum quantity restrictions.
  • Set minimum order quantity limits as per your requirements.
  • “Retailer to Wholesaler” upgrade option on My Account page.
  • Much more…

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