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IMPORTANT: All domains can only be registered for a certain period of time, granted by each registrar (1 year, 2, 5, etc.). Hence, technically, the domains are not purchased, they are rented.

If we register a domain on behalf of the customer, the customer accepts that we safeguard (take into custody) the domain(s) in a master account and therefore cannot give access to its domain control panel.

If the customer prefers to keep the domain in their own account (i.e. directly with the registrar), the customer accepts what we cannot safeguard the domain under any circumstance.

The domains are initially registered on the agency’s name, and after a 2 months safety lock period imposed by the registrar, they are registered on the customer’s name, if all fees relating to the project, invoice or quotation are fully satisfied (please see “PAYMENTS” below).

For practical purposes, we do maintain the technical and financial information on the agency’s name.

We do offer packages in co-ordination with third-party providers. Changes to the third-party provider’s rules and policies may ultimately affect the services we provide or the terms and conditions herein.

Domains registered on behalf of the customer, within a package or project, will be limited to “Standard” priced domains (maximum fees of $30 / year including all setup / taxes (VAT, ICANN, etc.) fees. 

All domain purchases included in packages or projects, are for 1 (one) year only. Renewals will be paid in advance by customer, as stated in “PAYMENTS” below.

“Premium” priced domains (marked as premium by the agency or the registrar or exceeding the above mentioned cost ($30), will not be included in such packages or projects. All fees above $30 will be paid by the customer, if it is decided to register such domain. For example, a domain with total acquisition fees of $1000: $970 will be paid in advance by the customer, and $30 by us.

We do not guarantee availability nor can “reserve” a domain name. Chances are, that we inform a customer that a domain is available, and 10 minutes after (i.e. when the customer decides for the domain), it is not available any more.



IMPORTANT: All unpaid fees and dues for domain services (registration, custody, recovery, etc.) will lead to the loss of the domain for the customer. Please pay attention to the renewal notifications and contact us in case of any doubts.

It is the customer’s responsibility if a domain expires due to non-payment / late payment of the fees. All payments must be made to us latest 1 (one) month before the expiry date. If the payment is not received after this period, a “grace” period (Note: Not all registrars provide this period, lack of timely payment will lead to loss of the domain) of 7 calendar days might be granted, where the customer will be able to satisfy all pending fees, in addition to other fees (such as domain recovery, redemption fee, etc.) and penalties. After this period, if any pending fees remain unpaid, the domain can be released to the public and any person or entity will be able register the domain on a first-come-first-serve basis, on an auction, or the domain can be transferred of registration to the agency or its partners.

We can try to recover or re-register the domain at this stage, against additional fees. We reserve the right to keep or transfer the domain registry after the “grace” period to us. Therein after, we can sell the domain to any person or entity, or back to the customer at any fee we consider at our own discretion.

It is the customer’s responsibility to renew their domain names with us.

All fees and dues must be paid in full before we release the requested domain name.


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