Unmetered DDoS mitigation to maintain performance and availability

Denial of Service attacks continue to grow in sophistication and force: more distributed, greater volumes of traffic, and encroaching on the application layer.

A successful attack increases unnecessary costs on your infrastructure and IT/security staff. More importantly, it hurts your revenue, customer satisfaction, reputation and brand.

To combat attacks and stay online, you’ll need a solution that’s resilient scalable, and intelligent. Our partner, Cloudflare, is the world’s biggest and most reliable provider in this matter.

Defend against the largest attacks

Cloudflare’s network capacity is 15x bigger than the largest DDoS attack ever recorded. With 30 Tbps of capacity, it can handle any modern distributed attack, including those targeting DNS infrastructure.

Shared Network Intelligence

The IP reputation database identifies and blocks new and evolving threats across all 16 million properties on the network.

No Performance Tradeoffs

Eliminate security induced latencies by integrating performance services, including CDN, smart routing, website optimizations, and the latest web standards.

Common Types of DDoS Attacks

DNS Flood

By disrupting DNS resolution, a DNS flood attack will make a website, API, or web application non-performant or completely unavailable.

UDP Amplification (Layer 3 & 4)

An attacker leverages the functionality of open DNS or NTP resolvers to overwhelm a target server or network with amplified request traffic, where the payload size is greater than the size of an originating request.

HTTP Flood (Layer 7)

HTTP flood attacks generate high volumes of HTTP, GET, or POST requests from multiple sources, targeting the application layer, causing service degradation or unavailability.

Layered Security Defense

The layered security approach combines multiple DDoS mitigation capabilities into one service. It prevents disruptions caused by bad traffic, while allowing good traffic through, keeping websites, applications and APIs highly available and performant.



rate-limited requests per day.


bandwidth savings.


WAF blocks per month.

“The level of support we get is really great. It’s quick, responsive, and effective at supporting our unique customer needs.”

Flat-Rate Pricing

Our plans offer unlimited and unmetered mitigation of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, regardless of the size of attack at no extra cost. No customer should be penalized for spikes in network traffic associated with a distributed attack. The DDoS protection ensures all Internet properties stay online, while infrastructure costs remain predictable.

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